Loans for UNEMPLOYED individuals with BAD CREDIT

In Blogging by Dorothy D. Joiner

Individuals who are unemployed might find it harder to have an easy-going relationship with banks (and most other conventional finance institutes). 
Not having a constant, and steady, source of money is a big deal-breaker between the person who is looking to obtain a loan and the financial ‘big guys’. Even so, there are certain types of loans for unemployed individuals …

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The Benefits of Having a Savings Account

In Benefits by Dorothy D. Joiner

Have you ever had someone tell you or mention that you should open a savings account? In fact, chances are either your parent or someone who appears financially savvy has said it to you. As with each year, 2018 is the peak of the internet and in the last couple of years, has never been stronger when it comes to …

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Student loans- benefits and drawbacks

In Student loans by Dorothy D. Joiner

It’s no big surprise that such a large number of students think the gigantic college education cost is justified, despite all the trouble. Youthful grown-ups who worked all day, year round, had median profit of only $30,500 with just a secondary school degree in 2015, however of $50,000 with a four year certification. Another detail you may have heard is …