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Can I Get A Small Car Loan With Bad Credit In The UK?

In Blogging by Dorothy D. Joiner

At times, things get tough and you may go for months without paying your bills. Late payment can badly affect your credit rating. Is this a death sentence? Absolutely no! You can still have a car of your dream regardless of how bad your credit rating is. is your guardian angel. Here, you can get a loan to purchase …

Loans for UNEMPLOYED individuals with BAD CREDIT

In Blogging by Dorothy D. Joiner

Individuals who are unemployed might find it harder to have an easy-going relationship with banks (and most other conventional finance institutes). 
Not having a constant, and steady, source of money is a big deal-breaker between the person who is looking to obtain a loan and the financial ‘big guys’. Even so, there are certain types of loans for unemployed individuals …